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Minisaving - It serves to save!

  • What is Minisaving

    Minisaving is a daily saving platform designed for Petty traders, Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises which allows you to save from your daily sales.

  • Is my Money Safe

    The Minisaving Platform is a reliable and secured platform and at the same time, your Money is safe and far away from the reach of Fraudsters and Cyber Criminals through the help of our two-way Semi Digital Security implementation on your Account.

  • What if I have Complains

    First in class Customer Care Support and assistance is what we envision to sustain as our core ethics here at Minisaving and we have promised to work constantly to maintain this ethics and culture.

  • What can I save for

    From Saving for your next Apartment Rent to Saving for your Business re-stocking, you have everything in control as regards your Business's Finances and Growth. You can save for about anything.

Why Minisaving is different

Works on any device anywhere

The Minisaving Platform have been designed with scalability in mind to make sure that all Devices are supported and can easily have access to the site. Minisaving has also released Mobile Apps for Android and the iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phone version are on their way.

Why should I trust Minisaving

Minisaving does not retain your Money, all your savings are been logged with each of the reputable Banks or Microfinance Banks across the Country and the Platform only serve as the Innovation which brings in the Simplicity and accessibility that you need.

If I have Issues where do I go

With the Customer Centric mindset we engraved, we have created multiple channels to solve your issues and challenges ranging from a Support Ticket system, a Live Chat, a Phone contact, Email and diverse other mediums, with all these channels, you can't be stranded a moment again.

Multiple Secure Saving Channels

With Minisaving, you are rest assured of the highest order of Financial Inclusion irrespective of your Location or class with diverse channels of saving, ranging from SMS, Apps, Calls and Web of course.